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Residential microCHP:
A Simple Breakdown

How does microCHP work screenshot.JPG

An animated video showing the benefits of microCHP

when installed in a single family home.


Vapor Recovery Systems

Vapor Recovery Systems YouTube

Learn more about Vapor Recovery Systems. The video explains flaring and the solutions available from Axiom Energy Group.


An Overview microCHP: Applications and Benefits

save money on your utility bill

An overview of the 4.4kW mCHP systems available from Axiom Energy Group. The video provides installation examples and benefits of microCHP.


Clean American Innovation:

Presented by PERC

PERC micro combined heat and power propane video

The Propane Education & Research Council produced

a video series showcasing cutting-edge propane

technologies. The video highlights the microCHP systems.


Energy Solutions Center - Micro CHP

ESC microCHP overview video

Created by Energy Solutions Center


Automatic Secondary

Air Control (ASAC) System

Secondary Air Controller Engineered Concepts

A video overview of the ASAC system and its benefits.


NYSERDA Multifamily Building Case Study:

The Eltona, Bronx, NY

Ecopower systems installed in NY

MPP Performance Partner Steven Winter Associates

explain the energy waste this Bronx, NY building was

experiencing, and how they achieved a LEED Platinum

Certification and are expecting a 35% energy savings.

Two ecopower mCHP units are part of the project.