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A Message From Our Chairman
Gary Schildt with the Marathon Engine

Axiom Energy Group is focused on growth strategies that will benefit our communities and the environment. When we improve our communities and the environment, all other business objectives will advance. That is why sustainable development is a value for Axiom Energy Group and not simply a priority. Priorities change over time depending on circumstances. Values never change.


At Axiom Energy Group, our business objectives are designed to support and promote sustainable development goals. By offering mCHP systems, we make it possible for our customers to generate clean power using affordable natural gas or propane. And by offering vapor recovery systems, we make it possible for oil companies to eliminate flaring and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We will continue to invest in these technologies and remain committed to the growth strategy we have pursued since the company was founded – to develop clean energy for our world. As Chairman of the Board, I will ensure that this does not change.

          Gary Schildt

          Chairman of the Board

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Gary Schildt Signature
A Message From Our President & CEO
James Green with microCHP system

After spending more than 30 years in the legal and manufacturing industries, I understand the privilege and responsibility associated with guiding a business through the many risks and challenges that can threaten it on an all too frequent basis. I also gained a deep appreciation for how a business should be managed to improve communities and our environment while still achieving its objectives.

Axiom Energy Group offers innovative technologies to bring clean energy solutions to our world. From micro combined heat and power generators to vapor recovery systems, our pioneering technologies provide unique ways to generate affordable clean power, and to eliminate flaring and emissions on refineries and in oil fields.


I am optimistic about this company's future and the potential to advance our business objectives while adhering to the sustainable development goals that benefit our communities and the environment. This effort will be led by a team of dedicated employees who are passionate about the positive impact these technologies can have. This is the challenge we embrace - to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to the communities and businesses we serve while conserving our environment. I know this challenge is not easy. But challenge brings opportunity, and opportunity brings success.   

It is a privilege and an honor to pursue these goals, and to pursue them in a way that promotes integrity. I look forward to what we will accomplish together with the future success of this company.   

          James C. Green

          President & CEO, Axiom Energy Group

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