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Axiom Energy Group is now home to both Engineered Concepts and Marathon Engine Systems, offering innovative clean energy solutions. Whether it be in the oil field to eliminate flaring, providing heat and electricity in your home, or generating off-grid power in remote locations, we have the answer.

Headquartered in East Troy, WI, Axiom Energy Group currently occupies a 70,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility. We have the resources to draw on the local manufacturing base in the Midwest for raw materials as well as all varieties of machining and assembly. This facility focuses on prime and remote power technologies.


Our New Mexico location develops high efficiency emission reducing oil and gas processing solutions. Axiom Energy is able to offer total well pad solutions including engineering, design and fabricating of a full range of production and mainstream equipment including dehydrators, heaters, separators, compressors and tanks. 

How two companies began before joining forces:

Marathon Engine Systems began in 1998 with the purchase of the engine from Briggs & Stratton Corporation and was originally used in the Triathlon Heat Pump, marketed by York International. The engine proved to be highly dependable and efficient. Today, our microCHP and custom remote solutions are based around that long-life Marathon Engine.


Engineered Concepts originally began operations in 1959. Their first patent involved a thermostatically controlled 3-way flow diverter valve integrated into a production unit system that became very popular on well pads throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Western US. Weatherford International purchased the original company in the 1980s. Regrouping in 2000, they began developing high efficiency emission reducing oil and gas production equipment.


Our team at Axiom Energy Group is committed to our overall mission: cleaner energy for our world. With our technologies we aim to improve the well-being of our not only our environment but also our communities by providing accessibility to clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions.

Accessibility:  Providing accessibility to resources not otherwise available in some regions of the world is important. Many communities that do not have access to electricity via traditional power grids can now have that ability with our propane or natural gas driven products. This affords opportunities in those areas from job creation and building infrastructure, promoting an overall responsible economic growth.

Clean Energy: Having clean energy solutions to lessen the environmental impact, improving quality of life and environment, is a choice we can offer. Whether it be reducing CO2 emissions by generating electricity on site or eliminating flaring by making use of of all hydrocarbons and methane at well sites, our low or near zero emission equipment offers cleaner alternatives to traditional options.

Reliable Energy:  Reliability brings peace of mind. Our proven technology allows responsible management and preservation of natural resources.

Affordable Solutions:  Having solutions that reduce grid dependence or produce their own ROI allows consumers to save on the cost of their energy needs.

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