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Micro Combined Heat & Power

An Efficient Clean Energy Solution


Micro-combined heat and power systems, also known as “cogeneration” systems, provide heat and electrical power in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly manner. Using a natural gas or propane fueled Marathon Engine, our mCHP systems capture thermal energy to heat not only an office or apartment building, but also your home, hot water, or even your pool. Electricity generated by the system is consumed on site or excess can be sent back to the grid.

mCHP systems at Axiom Energy Group


Our current system uses heat generated by an internal combustion engine to produce thermal energy while simultaneously co-generating electricity. Our microCHP system is unique in that it self-modulates based on the thermal need to stay running as long as possible, to produce between 13,000 - 47,000 BTU's of heat per hour and generating 1.2 - 4.4kWh.

The Marathon Engine


- More efficient than typical power plant

- Provides heat and electrical power

- Saves money

- Reduces CO2 emissions

- Long life engine

- Natural gas or propane fueled

​​- Ultra Quiet

- Long maintenance intervals

- Affordable


Clean energy for the Earth


How a microCHP system works

Our mCHP system is powered by a liquid cooled internal combustion Marathon Engine fueled by natural gas or propane. Water heated by the engine is pumped through the on-board double-walled heat exchanger and flows to the (optional) buffer tank. A generator is also driven by the engine to create electricity that is used on-site or sent back to the grid.

The buffer tank acts as thermal storage and supplies hot water to the heating circuits as needed. The thermal energy can be used for space heating, domestic hot water or heating a swimming pool. Sensors monitor the temperature in the buffer tank and/or the room and outdoor temperatures. Data from these is fed back to the mircoprocessor in the mCHP so it can maintain a constant set-point temperature.

A complementary boiler is recommended in addition to the microCHP. The boiler is a backup heat source when the unit is down for maintenance or for additional heat if the system falls short during high demand periods.


Residential Install with a Pool


- Homes                   - Multi-family Buildings

- Rental Properties   - Homes with Pools

Car Wash


- Car Washes                  - Athletic Facilities

- Restaurants                   - Hotels

- Dialysis Centers            - Town Halls

Instustrial Applications


- Manufacturing Facilities      - Warehouses

Engine b&w.jpg

The Marathon Engine

The Power Behind ouR mCHP


  • Superior construction and the finest durable materials translate into extremely low engine wear

  • Environmentally responsible design – runs on clean, efficient natural gas or propane fuel

  • Excellent thermal efficiency and low exhaust emissions


  • 40,000 hours (equating to 1.6 million miles on an automobile engine)

  • Long 4,000 hour service interval (changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plug and spark plug cable)


Type:  4 Cycle

Cylinders:  1

Displacement:   272cc

Compression Ration:   12.8:1

Speed Range:  1200 - 3400 rpm

Cooling:  50% Glycol/Water

Horsepower:  8 HP

Torque:   12.5 ft-lb


Axiom Energy microCHP in manufacuring facility

Cogeneration installations are configured depending upon specific needs.

​Single Operation

A typical installation consists of a microCHP system, buffer tank, boiler, and hot water tank. The software inside the system integrates the unit with the buffer tank, modulating the system output to match the building's thermal needs. An indirect hot water tank can be hooked up to satisfy water heating needs.


Parallel Operation

Up to four units can run in parallel to provide more thermal and electrical output. Parallel operation is ideal for larger applications like multi-family buildings, hotels, or any building with a larger thermal need than one unit can supply.

Component Descriptions


The mCHP unit produces both heat and electricity. It is a grid connected device and does not function as a back-up power. Installations are configured based on the application.

Buffer Tank

A hot water storage device that is the interface between the microCHP and the heating system. The temperature in the buffer tank is controlled by unit. The tank is purchased separately and is optional depending on need.

Pump Package

The pump and mixing valve are included with the mCHP system. These components are critical to the operation as they control the flow of cooling water to the heat exchanger in the unit and modulate the engine temperature.


An isolation transformer is used as a safety device to isolate the microCHP system from direct contact to the grid. This is included in the purchase price of the system.


micro combined heat and power unit
  • Marathon Engine

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Power Inverter

  • System Controller

  • Engine Controller

  • Control Interface

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